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ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT 130 Trinity Avenue - 4th Floor, Atlanta GA 30303 Fax (404) 802-1506 VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM Thank you for your interest in doing business with Atlanta
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Music we're here to announce that our very first meant by ambassador this is the big deal this is a big big deal this is a huge deal it's none other than one of your classmates her name is Lilian Applause page-turners make great learners is a literacy nonprofit for elementary students our mission is to expand children's knowledge and understanding of the world themselves and their unique possibilities through a love of reading we are here today with mercedes-benz USA headquarters announcing our official partnership and creating more added readers by creating literacy ambassadors we are selecting students from eight schools across the district to serve as representatives and ambassadors of reading so that they can be role models and peer models P role models for their classmates but we've been partnering with page turners make great learners now for four years fifi handy has been awesome to our school she's given her kids lots of books she's introduced our school to lots of great authors current children's authors and that's been really exciting we're thrilled to be part of the new partnership with Mercedes Benz North America with their literacy ambassadors our little fourth grader Lillian is gonna be an awesome ambassador she's a voracious reader she's already read well over a million words and it's just November so we think she'll be a good representative for BPA and help Mercedes Benz North America the literacy ambassadors and page-turners make great learners figure out what this program should be and could be so we're excited to be part of that literacy is we know is very significant and the growth and the life of anyone that wants them they came back down there Society and once the Perot career we believe doing it at the school level is very important the partnership with page-turners is uh equally as important if not more so because page-turners has really given us a good path about who realize some of these some of these goals and objectives as a relay start literacy Ambassador Program we're very excited today to announce our very first literacy ambassador we announced the program back in September at page turners annual we thought it was important it going very quickly to give the selected ambassador or time to get to the million word mark which is a big component of the program in the end we have we have lofty goals for this program we want to see many more students not only at Burgess Peterson but also across the city of Atlanta and all ABS schools want to see them become our ambassadors but just as important we want to make sure that the students are selected as ambassadors become good role models and good influences of change there are their fellow students our main goal of EPA is to cultivate a culture of literacy we celebrate students making their individual reading goals every month every quarter we give out brag tags we give out t-shirts we have book talks we really try...